Xiuchao Wu (吴秀超)

I am a PhD student of the State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, supervised by Prof. Weiwei Xu. I did my undergrad at Zhejiang University of Technology.
My research interests are neural rendering, view synthesis and image-based rendering.

E-mail: wuxiuchao@zju.edu.cn

Scalable Neural Indoor Scene Rendering
Xiuchao Wu*, Jiamin Xu*, Zihan Zhu,
Hujun Bao, Qixing Huang, James Tompkin, Weiwei Xu
(* joint first author)
project | paper | video

We propose a scalable neural scene reconstruction and rendering method to support distributed training and interactive rendering of large indoor scenes.

Scalable Image-based Indoor Scene Rendering with Reflections
Jiamin Xu, Xiuchao Wu, Zihan Zhu,
Qixing Huang, Yin Yang, Hujun Bao, Weiwei Xu
project | paper | video

This paper proposes a novel scalable image-based rendering (IBR) pipeline for indoor scenes with reflections.